Price Information

When searching for a solicitor to help buy or sell your home, your main question is:“How much will you charge me?”

Our sale fees include obtaining Land Registry copy documents, the drafting and preparation of all relevant documentation relating to your sale; redemption of your mortgage; all advice and attendances throughout.

Our purchase fees include investigating the freehold title, making relevant Land Charges and Land Registry searches, raising all appropriate enquiries and requisitions: preparing, drafting, engrossing and completing the purchase deed; all advice and attendances throughout.

The estimated fees that our firm will charge, is based upon the information that we have at the present time and the transaction being straightforward and proceeding straight to completion. If further along the transaction we find there is additional work to be dealt with (common issues: unregistered titles, issues with the title on a sale, a garage under a coach house on purchase) we will inform you immediately of the issue and the anticipated increase in fees for your approval to proceed.

When there is a leasehold aspect to a transaction, a ground rent or service charge attached to the property, an additional supplement of £155 + VAT is added to the legal fees.

In exceptionally complex transactions, Emily Goringe’s hourly rate may be charged £170 + VAT 20% £204.00

A standard sale and purchase transaction

Mr. B is selling his freehold house for £160,000 and purchasing a freehold house with Mrs. B for £250,000, no known complications and both with a mortgage.

Sale fees

Up to £250,000 – £775.00 plus VAT 20% £155.00
£250,001k – £400k – £925.00 plus VAT 20% £185.00
£400,001 – £600k – £1125.00 plus VAT 20% £205.00
£600,001 – £999,500 – £1325.00
£999,501 + 0.25% plus VAT 20%

Purchase fees

Up to £250k – £925.00 plus VAT 20% £185.00
£250,001 – £400k £1,175.00 plus VAT 20% £235.00
£400,001 – £600k £1,475.00 plus VAT 20% £295.00
£600,001 – £999,500 £1,775.00
£999,501 + 0.25% plus VAT 20%

Description Cost
Stamp Duty tax form £40.00 plus VAT 20% £8.00
Arranging telegraphic transfer to sellers solicitors £25.00 plus VAT 20% £5.00
Local Search £126.90 inc VAT
Water Search £57.72 inc VAT

Known 3rdparty payments

Stamp duty charges – see online calculator –

Land Registry fee –

A more complex sale and purchase transaction

Mr. B is selling a shared ownership property £180,000 and purchasing a freehold property with Mrs. B for £360,000.

Sale fees

£950 + VAT and 2 transfer fees to repay mortgage and shared ownership redemption £50 + VAT

Unknown 3rdparty payments – fees to shared ownership company

Purchase fees

£1,175 + VAT and transfer fee to seller solicitors £25 + VAT

Description Cost
Stamp Duty tax form £40.00 plus VAT 20% £8.00
Arranging telegraphic transfer to sellers solicitors £25.00 plus VAT 20% £5.00
Local Search £126.90 inc VAT
Water Search £57.72 inc VAT

Known 3rdparty payments

Stamp duty charges – see online calculator –

Land Registry fee –

How long until we move?

A simple, no chain, no mortgage transaction property will take a lot less time than a complex property in a chain (a number of houses being sold between the first time buyer at the bottom of the chain and no onward purchase at the top of the chain). Generally we estimate anywhere between 8 and 12 weeks from when we receive completed instruction paper work and the contract information from the sellers solicitor to completion. However during the current conveyancing climate this has been extended to an average of 12 – 16 weeks for a standard transaction and 16 weeks plus for extended chains or more complex transactions.

If my property does not complete do I still need to pay?

Yes, we will review the time spent on the file and provide a bill. All search payments will be included. If we are able to recoup costs by selling searches to a new buyer we will refund you by this amount.

Who is dealing with my file?

Emily Goringe will be dealing with your file with the help of an assistant.

This is my first time selling / buying, what happens?

Sale – Key stages

  • Take your instructions and provide initial advice
  • Obtain the deeds from you or your lender
  • Provide contract documents to the buyer’s solicitor
  • Obtain further planning documentation if required
  • Reply to any additional enquiries from the buyer’s solicitor
  • Approve the draft Transfer
  • Invite you to our office to discuss and sign the documentation
  • Agree completion date (date from which you no longer own the property)
  • Obtain pre-completion searches and the amount to pay off any mortgage
  • Exchange contracts and notify you that this has happened
  • Complete purchase
  • Deal with repayment of any mortgages, agents fees etc.
  • Proceeds of sale sent to you or passed to your onward purchase
  • Send all documents to the buyer’s solicitor

Purchase – Key stages

  • Take your instructions and provide initial advice
  • Check finances are in place to fund purchase and contact lender’s solicitors if needed
  • Receive and investigate the contract documents
  • Carry out searches
  • Make any necessary enquiries of seller’s solicitor
  • Give you advice on all documents and information received so far
  • Receive results and replies to enquiries
  • Invite you to our office to discuss and sign documents
  • Obtain deposit funds (if there is no related sale)
  • Agree completion date (date from which you own the property)
  • Exchange contracts and notify you that this has happened
  • Arrange for all monies needed to be received from lender and you
  • Complete purchase
  • Deal with payment of Stamp Duty Land Tax
  • Deal with application for registration at Land Registry
  • Contact you to confirm registration and collection of your deeds

For more information on Transfer of Equity, remortgaging, Declaration of Trust or other conveyancing matters please contact or call 01793 641707.

Probate and the Administration of Estates means the collection and distribution of the money, property and personal belongings of a person following their death.

During the administration of an estate, all the money and property belonging to the person who has died is identified, a grant of representation (Probate or Administration) is obtained if needed, and all debts and other liabilities of the person who has died are cleared. This will include any inheritance tax, the costs of the funeral and associated expenses, the probate registry fees and any outstanding debts such as care fees, unpaid bills, credit card balances etc.

When all liabilities have been cleared, the remaining funds are distributed to the beneficiaries under the terms of the will, or if there is no will then in accordance with the rules of intestacy.

Our prices typically range between £750 plus VAT and £6,500 plus VAT, depending upon the amount of work to be carried out.  This will include identifying and valuing the assets, preparing the report for HM Revenue and Customs, preparing the Statement of Truth for signing by the executors, obtaining a grant of representation, collecting in the money and property, paying the debts, producing a final estate account for approval by the personal representatives and distributing the balance of the money and property,

The fees charged are dependent upon the number of bank accounts and investments (the number – not the value), houses, and other assets in the estate, including any overseas, and the number of debts and liabilities. If there are a number of family beneficiaries and/or charities named in the will to inherit then this can also affect the overall costs.

The general reasons for increases in our charges are where the family members are arguing or where a claim against the estate is made by someone who felt that they should have been included in the will and is disappointed not to have been.

When you ask us to help you to deal with the estate of someone who has died we always ensure that you are given full details of our pricing and an estimate of our fees for completing everything for you. We also tell the people who will share the bulk of the estate (ie what is termed the ‘residue’ after all debts, expenses and specified gifts have been paid).

We specifically do not charge on the basis of the value of the estate and, despite what you may sometimes see suggested, we do not charge a percentage uplift on our fees.

Typically it takes between 4 to 6 months to complete a straightforward administration where there is no house to be sold, but in more complex matters it will take longer to complete all the procedures, and satisfy HM Revenue & Customs that all tax has been accounted for.  If there is a property in the estate that is to be sold then delays in finding a suitable purchaser at an acceptable price will also hold up the completion of the administration. We always try to be realistic when estimating how long an administration will take and we update you regularly.

Any property sales or transfers into the names of the beneficiaries will be dealt with by our Conveyancing department and our standard conveyancing charges apply. Again you will be asked to agree these charges direct with that department at the time that the house is put on the market for sale, or if the beneficiaries so wish, when we are ready to transfer the house into the names of those who inherit.

There are expenses associated with dealing with the administration of estates including the Probate Registry fee of £155.

Our firm’s charges for probate and estate administration are calculated mainly by reference to the amount of time that is spent on the work and we are of course obliged to ensure that our charges are proportionate. Our rates are reviewed annually and you will be informed promptly of any change of rate;

Partner                                               £275.00 per hour plus VAT / £27.50 per 6 min unit

Assistant Solicitor                          £210 per hour / £21.00 per 6 minute unit

Trainee Solicitor                              £180.00 per hour plus VAT / £18.00 per 6 min unit

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