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In England and Wales Public Notaries are mainly concerned with the preparation, verification and authentication of documents which will be used in foreign countries.

Partner Richard Martin holds the office of Notary Public. His practice is separate and independent from the firm of Andrews Martin. Notaries are qualified lawyers, and while most of them are solicitors, most solicitors are not Notaries. Appointment is by the Archbishop of Canterbury and Notaries are regulated by the Court of Faculties. Patricia Martin is currently completing the qualification course at the University of Cambridge prior to being admitted as a Notary.

As a Public Notary Richard can help with:


It is a requirement of the Notaries' Rules that the fees charged be reasonable in all the Circumstances, and advance indication of the likely fee must be given before any work is carried out.

The fees charged will depend upon the particular matter and its complexity. Additional expenses, eg Legalisation fees, may also be incurred and will be charged in addition to the Fee.

The Notary's Seal

A Notary identifies himself in documents by use of his signature and his individual seal. Each Notary has their own seal which is registered with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and many foreign embassies and consulates.

The Notary's requirements:

When you visit the Notary you will need:

If I can help you with any matters requiring a Notary Public, please telephone or email